What to do if your dog won’t stop whining

Dogs whine for a number of reasons and the noise is usually pretty painful – depending on the whine it’s usually either because you can’t bear it or because the noise breaks your heart, but either way you want to know how to stop a dog whining. Reasons for whining include pain, fear, anxiety anticipation, […]

Shedding the pounds: how to help a dog lose weight

Studies have shown that up to 65% of dogs in the UK are obese, so if you’re wondering how to help a dog lose weight, then you’re certainly not alone. The first step in dealing with an overweight dog is to recognise and acknowledge there’s a problem – so you’re already on the right track. […]

How to calm an overexcited puppy

Puppies are bundles of energy – and cute ones at that – but it’s important to know why puppies get overexcited, what triggers these outbursts and how to calm a puppy down to make sure their behaviour is manageable, similar to knowing how to help an anxious dog. Understanding the psychology behind the behaviour will […]

Puppy fear periods: why is my puppy suddenly scared?

There’s lots to think about when you’re getting a new puppy – from do you have the best puppy bed and have you planned how to puppy-proof your house, to what you’re going to call it (check out some ideas for girl dog names, boy dog names and funny dog names if you’re still undecided). […]

How to master loose lead walking

Wanting to know how to stop a dog pulling on the lead is a very common desire among dog owners. You will have heard other dog owners saying that their dog is “much better off a lead and can be a nightmare on it”. And it’s not just the pulling, but the reactivity and lungeing […]

How to stop a dog barking at the fence

We have all heard dogs barking and going slightly mental behind their gates and fences, but why do they do it? In this situation, it’s the obvious answer – it’s their territory and they’re letting you and other dogs know it. There is no safer or more relaxing place to a dog than their den […]

How to stop a puppy biting everything in reach

Puppies will bite anything – your hands, legs, feet and anything else they can get to. Their “baby teeth” are wickedly sharp and sometimes it feels like you’ve actually brought home a baby shark. But why do they bite? Puppies chew on people or objects to help them learn about the world around them – […]

How to stop a dog peeing in the house

Why do dogs pee in the house? Before finding out how to stop a dog peeing in the house, you need know why they’re doing it. There are several possible reasons, including: Submissive and excited incontinence are different to territory marking in that they have no control over it. Medical issues It’s important to also […]

How to stop a dog digging in the garden

In all the years I have been a behaviourist and trainer, not one owner has ever said their dog has never dug and just like working out how to stop a dog chewing, one question lots of dog owners as is how to stop a dog digging in the garden. The definition of digging may […]

How to house train a dog

If you’re hoping to find out how to house train a dog, it really is relatively simple and straightforward. It’s worth noting that it’s not just puppies that need house training – dogs that have been in rescue for a length of time and dogs brought off the streets into a domestic environment will also […]