Helen Masters knows that it takes more than just excellent training for your dog to have the best life.

Through her training, Helen has been able to meet top services and businesses for everything your dog could need. Here are some of those she recommends.


Val Freeman at Green Lane Veterinary Clinic is Helen’s own vet and looked after Boo from 6 months old. 

Helen has a strong working relationship with her and has known her professionally for 16 years.

Val Freeman is an amazing vet. Many of Helen’s clients also use her on Helen’s recommendation.


Kate owns Doggie Styles Grooming. Helen has used her for grooming her Irish terriers from day 1.

You will struggle to find a more professional and knowledgeable groomer. Kate is also brilliant at dealing with nervous and more difficult dogs; 90% of Helens client base use her.

Kate’s flyer will always be included in Helen’s puppy packs. Helen works very closely with both Doggie Styles Grooming and Claires Doggy Daycare as they share the same ethic. They actually care and invest in your dogs, it’s not just a job to these girls. At village and country shows you will usually find Helen, Doggie Styles Grooming and Claire’s Doggy Daycare side by side with their respective stalls.

Dog Walking

Claire of Claire’s Doggy Daycare is mentored by Helen, who suggested a few years ago that a day care for more high maintenance dogs was desperately needed. Particularly for large breeds and most of Helens clients’ dogs, who needed the benefit of a social setting without the pressure of the training that they’d already been through with Helen.

Claire is extremely busy and has now had to take on staff and vehicles for her business. There is always a flyer for her in Helen’s puppy packs. Helen even sends her dogs to her when she needs some peace or if she needs to travel further afield to train. 

Fully insured and DBS checked, they pride themselves on being extremely flexible and tailoring your dog’s walks around your individual needs.

Nanny McPets offers a dog walking service and day care. Helen works with Emily there as the business’s canine consultant


Benedict Farm Boarding Kennels in Kent is the best in the area. Helen sends anyone there who wants the home boarding environment for their dogs.

For kennels, Helen feels there is no place better than Benedict Farm. Their unique countryside setting makes it the ideal location to leave your dog when you take a trip away.

Nanny McPets also offers home boarding, pet sitting and dog walking services in Ashford and surrounding areas. Helen has mentored Emily who often walks Helen’s dogs for her if she is working away.


Helen is a proud ambassador of the local company and recommends Raw Pet Foods and feeds all her dogs on a raw diet. Helen is against kibble due to the additives and carcinogens found in some brands. Another thing she loves about feeding a raw diet – the excrement is much smaller and smells better!

High Visibility

Neon Dog – Helen recommends the lead slips and hi-vis coats for humans and dogs made by Neon Dog. What’s more is you can personalize the message from simple things like “Nervous Dog” to “I might look aggressive but really I’m shitting my pants!” You can use Helen’s discount code when shopping for products on their website: Masterclassdog10