The Mentor Dogs

Mentor Dogs

The Mentor Dogs

Helen Masters has built up a team of stand-out dogs who are perfect for teaching socialisation and other behaviour issues. They also like to pop up on Nev's social media with their adventures around Kent and beyond.

What is a mentor dog?

A mentor dog is a well trained dog with an honest disposition.
They know right from wrong and aren’t fazed by other dogs.
A mentor dog can teach a rude, boisterous, ill mannered dog some basic respect without ever getting aggressive or reactive.
They can also help nervous dogs learn to socialise by allowing them to sniff, get close or equally just be consistently present from a distance.
Thanks to Helen’s training approach, she is lucky enough to have several mentor dogs at hand to help her client’s dogs, in addition to her methods, to suit a variety of behaviours and issues.

Meet The Team


Possibly the most known of the Mentor dogs, Neville works with both the quiet dogs, giving them confidence to socialize and play, and the boisterous dogs, as he let’s them know when they have crossed a line!


After Helen lost her first Mastiff, Boo, she got Mavis (also known as Mav). Mav couldn’t be more different from Boo in that she is the ultimate guard dog. Although nowhere near Boo’s size, (she’s a mere 95kgs!) she is a beautiful well-rounded girl. She is extremely obedient, which is almost unheard of in mastiffs, and loves nothing more than having her tummy rubbed!

Mav can run like a gazelle and will quite often pop a jump after the horses! She’s had two litters and is the most amazing Mum to her babies.


Lottie, aka Bitch Tits, is a German Shepherd owned by Lady Shelagh Montague-Brown. Helen has trained Lottie since she could fit in her hands. Sometimes you get a bond with a dog that’s extraordinary and you can’t explain it; Lottie is one of those dogs.

Its fair to say that since she was 8 weeks old Lottie has been obsessed with Helen, so much so that Lady S cannot say Helen’s name in front of her, without her going into full on GSD yodel!

Lady S and Lottie moved near to Helen a few years ago. Helen has to pass their house on the school run. For the first several months every time she drove past, she’d look in the mirror and there would be a German shepherd legging it after her! In the end Lady S had to make sure she was locked inside at 8.30am as she knows the sound of Helen’s car!! It still happens on occasions if she forgets and Helen sees the littlest hobo legging it after her! Love her!

Quite often Helen works on the land behind her house, or takes her dogs for a walk through there. Lottie can either smell Helen or hear her two fields away; she looks down and suddenly there’s a GSD by her side, having jumped a 5 bar gate and crossed a country lane to get there! You can’t buy that loyalty or bond.

Lottie’s job within the pack is invaluable. If we have wayward dogs that run off or won’t come back we send her out and she herds them up back to Helen. If they are really naughty, she’ll bring them back by their scruff. She’s great at teaching recall, dog manners, and most of all cuddling Helen. Helen adores her!


Gloria is one of Mavis’ babies from her second litter. She is still learning how to become a Mentor like her Mum! She is the first Brindle that Helen has had. She is very loving and very naughty and has tested Helen like no other!


Milly in a Boston Terrier and is about as bouncy as the balls she loves to chase! She is known to jump over the stable door to join Helen if she is trying to have a yard wee! Milly brings out the playful side of the quiet dogs during social days.


Still just a pup, Gladys’s job at the moment is to learn basic obedience from Helen and the other mentor dogs. She is proving to be a quick learner, loving to please and very sociable.