I first met Helen about eighteen months ago when I was looking for training classes for our new Golden Retriever puppy Rocky. Although I have had dogs all my life, and prided myself  in teaching them to become well mannered and obedient family pets, I was struggling with our new arrival. He lacked self control and was very dominant.

We first attended Helen’s training classes once a week, and then Rocky started to attend Helen’s pack days. I liked Helen’s straight forward approach and soon Rocky and I were starting to build a strong and respectful relationship. Helen gave me the confidence and training tools to be able to handle Rocky and bring out the best in him. He is growing into an intelligent, loyal, loving and trustworthy pet with bags of personality and bounce. Rocky and I owe Helen a huge thank-you for making our relationship so positive for both of us.

Rocky adores Helen and looks forward to his pack days, so he can spend quality time with his doggy friends. I think every dog deserves some Helen time in their lives so that they can get the best out of their Human and dog friends.