I want to thank you for helping us to train Sophie, our two year old cocker spaniel.

Sophie is a lively, energetic dog. Before we started with you she would run away when walking in the fields, finding her way through any hole or gap in fences and just ignoring our calls to return. It was no fun going for a walk with her if we let her off the leash. When visitors arrived at our house she jumped all over them and was, in your words, outright rude. Our sons did not really want us to take her to their houses. Now less than 1 year later Sophie comes back when called, in fact often she comes back of her own accord for a fuss before running off again. She does not jump up at visitors and our families and friends have all said how well behaved she is now. She is still lively and energetic, charges round fields, likes to welcome visitors and go to other houses but she behaves well. Now she can also do sits, stays, downs and aways. The formal training has definitely strengthened the bond we have with her. Also we all enjoy our Thursday night training, it is fun for both the handlers – who need training as much as, or more than, the dogs –  and the four legged friends.

We could never have achieved this without your instruction and help.

We keep coming now not just for the training but because we enjoy ourselves.