5* and then some!! What can I say other than she has transformed our dog! We will forever be so grateful!

Our beautiful Vizla went to stay with Helen for a period of two weeks as a residential program. She was welcomed into the family with open arms and communication with us was daily. We travelled from afar to seek Helen’s professional training because we just could not get the help we needed locally. We are a busy family of five + our lovely Vizla. Family life is complicated & challenging and the dogs behaviour meant a mum of three was even more stressed out! I wasnt able to walk my dog becauser of her behaviour and how other dog walkers treated us. And really was at the end of the road. I was only able to walk her in one place & at certain times to avoid people & dogs & comments!!! Stressful & not fun for me or the dogs! My children, especially my four year old adore the dog & would have been heartbroken to lose her to another family – along comes Helen!! We are now able to go anyplace we like for a walk, she’s calmer in the house, she’s calmer out & about, follows commands (although I’m still working on my training, I’m trying my best to channel my inner Helen!!) and genreally seems so much happier!

I would highly recommend Masterclass Dog Training. Helen cares so much for the dogs & the support after my dogs stay has been invaluable! Patients, kind & amazing!