My daughter had a Cocker Spaniel puppy for her 13th birthday – naturally she was madly in love with him and could not tell him off without suffering pain and guilt.

Helen’s down to earth teaching, with humour and easy explanations in puppy behaviour, gave Bethany the confidence to tell Jasper exactly what she wanted him to do. It gave her more confidence with our older dogs who obey her now and Jasper remains very much her own dog, looking to Bethany first for guidance.

The other members of the class, both dog and human have been great fun and as a spectator I have really enjoyed the classes. As a participant Bethany has thrived under Helen’s guidance and the relaxed cheerful atmosphere.

We had a very rewarding experience – still have a loony Cocker but he does sometimes do as asked and comes back when called. Helen took the pain out of the whole training business and Jasper especially had a great time.