Marty was an out of control hooligan when we took him to Helen. 

He was 3 years old and his behaviour had got gradually worse to the extent that we were embarrassed to take him out. 

He was aggressive and attacked other dogs seemingly for no reason. On the lead he would scream and bark while pulling and tugging in all directions. We could never let him off the lead because he would run for the hills, causing havoc on his way to the nearest road. He wasn’t much better around the home, growling at us and jumping up at visitors.

We were bewildered by his behaviour as we had dogs for many years and none that behaved like Marty.

Luckily for us we found Helen and after talking to her on the phone I felt very relieved and hopeful that she could help Marty. He went to stay with Helen and her pack for 3 weeks where she found out that he was a very insecure little dog. Helen helped him overcome all of his problems. She really is a miracle worker and we now have a calm, confident very well behaved dog who to my amazement can be let off the lead in open spaces. Helen has transformed Marty’s life and we are so pleased that he can now be a happy dog.